The Informatics and Computer Engineering program is developed by VNU-IS and Moscow Power Engineering Institute (Russia). From the 2nd year onwards, students will have the transfer opportunity to study at MPEI in Moscow, Russia. and received a Bachelor’s degree in Informatics and Computer Engineering according to the national standards in Russia. 

Duration 4 years (8 semesters)
Language of instruction English
Mode of study Full time at VNU-IS
Degree Bachelor of Informatics and Computer Engineering by Vietnam National University, Hanoi
Tuition fee (USD/course) 7,200 (USD900/5-month semester)
  1. VNU general courses: 35 credits The Fundamental Principles of Marxism-Leninism 1 (2 credits)
    The Fundamental Principles of Marxism-Leninism 2 (3 credits)
    Ho Chi Minh Ideology (2 credits)
    The Revolutionary Line of the Communist Party of Vietnam (3 credits)
    English for Academic Purposes 1 (4 credits)
    English for Academic Purposes 2 (3 credits)
    English for Specific Purposes 1 (4 credits)
    English for Specific Purposes 2 (3 credits)
    Introduction to Informatics 2 (3 credits)
    Physical Education (4 credits)
    National Defence Education (8 credits)
    Soft skills (3 credits)
    Russian 1A (4 credits)
    Russian 1B (4 credits)
    General knowledge of the field: 17 credits Algebra and analytic geometry (3 credits)
    Mathematical analysis 1 (4 credits)
    Mathematical analysis 2 (3 credits)
    Physics 1 (4 credits)
    Physics 2 (3 credits)
    General knowledge of the discipline: 15 credits Mathematical logic and theory of algorithms (3 credits)
    Theory of probability and mathematical statistics (3 credits)
    Computational methods (3 credits)
    Theory of signals (3 credits)
    Programming 1 (3 credits)
    Fundamental courses: 29 credits
    Required Courses: 25 credits Programming 2 (3 credits)
    Discrete mathematics (3 credits)
    Electrical engineering (3 credits)
    Electronics (3 credits)
    Fundamentals of the theory of computing systems (3 credits)
    Operating systems (3 credits)
    System software (2 credits)
    Databases (3 credits)
    Computer systems (2 credits)
    Elective Courses: 4/8 credits Descriptive geometry and engineering graphics (2 credits)
    Fundamentals of the theory of control (2 credits)
    Legal, ethical, social environment of business (2 credits)
    Intellectual property rights (2 credits)
    Specialized  courses: 46 credits
    Required courses: 23 credits Digital signal processing (3 credits)
    Programming technology (3 credits)
    Digital circuitry (3 credits)
    Microprocessor systems (3 credits)
    Networks and telecommunications (2 credits)
    Transmission of information (2 credits)
    Computer memory devices (2 credits)
    Local area networks (2 credits)
    Simulation of digital circuits (3 credits)
    Elective Courses: 10/20 credits Information security (2 credits)
    Computers and peripheral devices (2 credits)
    Metrology, standardization and certification (2 credits)
    Modeling (2 credits)
    Fundamentals of the theory of reliability (2 credits)
    Measurement and control by computer (2 credits)
    Embedded systems and microcontrollers (2 credits
    Communication and coding (2 credits)
    Software technology (2 credits)
    Testing and quality assurance of software (2 credits)
    Supportive courses: 4/8 credits Engineering and computer graphics (2 credits)
    Distributed calculations (2 credits)
    Research methods (2 credits)
    Leadership and team building (2 credits)
    Internship and graduation project: 9 credits Internship (4 credits)
    Graduation project (5 credits)
No. Full name Academic title Degree Majors
1 Do Ngoc Diep Professor Doctor of Science Mathematics
2 Le DucThinh Doctor Mathematics
3 Le Hoai Thu Master Theory and Methodology of English Language Teaching
4 Le TrungThanh Associate Professor Doctor Electronics and Telecommunications
5 Mai Anh Doctor Business Administration
6 Ngo Dung Nga Master International Studies
7 Ngo Manh Dung Doctor Electronics and Telecommunications
8 Nguyen Chan Hung Associate Professor Doctor Electronics and Telecommunications
9 Nguyen Dang Tuan Minh Master Business Administration
10 Nguyen Hai Thanh Associate Professor Doctor Mathematical Informatics
11 Nguyen Ngoc Diep Professor Doctor Information Technology
12 Nguyen Thanh Tung Associate Professor Doctor Information Technology
13 Nguyen ThiNhanHoa Doctor Language examinations
14 Nguyen Thi Thu Huyen Master Pedagogical English
15 Nguyen Thi To Hoa Master Theory and Methodology of English Language Teaching
16 Nguyen Tuan Dung Doctor Information Technology
17 Pham HuongTrang Master Business Administration
18 Pham Ngoc Hung Doctor Information Technology
19 Pham Nhat Minh Master Information Technology
20 Pham Thi Hue Doctor Information Technology
21 Pham Thi Thuy Doctor English Language
22 Phan Cong Vinh Doctor Information Technology
33 PhungTrungNghia Doctor Information Technology
24 To Van Khanh Doctor Information Technology
25 Tran Cao Quyen Doctor Electronics and Telecommunications
26 Tran Duc Tan Associate Professor Doctor Electronics and Telecommunications
27 Tran ThiOanh Doctor Information Technology
28 Vo DinhHieu Doctor Information Technology
29 ArkadiKonstantinovichPolyakov Professor Doctor of Science
30 Igor Zhelbakov Professor Doctor of Science
31 LyashenkoLubov Ivanovna Associate Professor Doctor
32 Shamayeva Olga Yurevna Associate Professor Doctor
33 ValeriyDidenko Professor Doctor of Science
34 YumashevaYulia Master
35 Yury S. Bekhtin Professor Doctor of Science

1. Meet ONE of the following criterias:

  • Graduate from high school with minimum high school GPA of 2.5/4.0
  • Acquire International Baccalaureate Diploma of 24/45 with Math and English language score of at least 5/7 for each subject.
  • Complete A-Level grade C, equivalent to 60/100 each subject.  The combination of subjects required varies among programs.
  • Acquire SAT score of 1100/1600
  • Acquire ACT score of 22/36

2. Appropriate English proficiency certificate including a minimum IELTS score of 5.5 or Level 4 of Vietnamese Standardized Test of English Proficiency (VSTEP)*

3. Appropriate medical examination report for overseas study 

4. Sufficient finance evidence for overseas study in Vietnam.

(*) Without a required English proficiency certificate, students who meet other qualifications and requirements must study intensive English Foundation program at VNU-IS.

8,800 (USD1,100/5-month semester)

  • Software and hardware design and development 
  • Automation systems management 
  • IT infrastructure administrators
  • Cyber Security
  • Web design
  • Telecommunication network design
  • Computer systems management 
  • Business process operators
  • Researchers and lecturers in Informatics and Automation

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