Studying abroad in Vietnam National University, Hanoi

Have you ever considered studying abroad in Asia? China, Korea or Japan may be the first come to your mind, but what about studying in Vietnam? With amazing cultural history, ideal living cost and various career opportunities, this promising country will bring you a lot of eye-opening experiences.

International School of Vietnam National University Hanoi (VNU-IS), #1 ranked university in Vietnam, offers full-time English programs and a wide range of scholarships for foreign students. You even have a chance to apply for dual-degree programs, with one from VNU-IS and one from a partner  university with a reasonable tuition fee. Let’s have a look at our 10 undergraduate programs listed below:

Programs with degrees awarded by Vietnam National University, Hanoi:

1.   Bachelor of International Business (IB)

2.   Bachelor of Accounting, Analyzing and Auditing (AC)

3.   Bachelor of Management Information System (MIS)

4.   Bachelor of Informatics and Computer Engineering (ICE)

5.   Bachelor of Business Data Analytics (BDA)

Programs with degrees awarded by foreign universities:

6.   Bachelor of Management (Marketing/Entrepreneurship) – Keuka College (US)

7.   Bachelor of Hospitality, Sport and Tourism Management – Troy University (US)

8.   Bachelor of Accounting and Finance – University of East London (UK)

Dual degree programs:

9.   Bachelor of Management (Marketing/Entrepreneurship) – in collaboration with Keuka College (US)

10.  Bachelor of Marketing – in collaboration with HELP University (Malaysia)

Programs with degrees awarded by Vietnam National University, Hanoi:

1. Bachelor of International Business (IB)

This program is designed on the standards of teaching and research in prestigious American, Canadian universities and can be transferable to programs of many reputable universities such as the University of the West of England (UK) or Keuka College (USA). The International Business program focuses on producing bachelors with business level fluency in English, professional and well-qualified skills required to work in any organization/business with global operations. It also assists students with skills in detecting, analyzing, and solving issues in the enormous field of international business.

In 2019, the Bachelor program of International Business was qualified with the impressive score of 47 or 50 by VNU-HCM Centre for Education Accreditation (CEA)

For your senior electives, you can choose one of the specialized courses, namely Corporate Accounting, Finance or Marketing to expand your career options. Upon graduation, students will be well-prepared and select for a wide range of careers in local businesses, multinational corporations, or international organizations.

2. Bachelor of Accounting, Analyzing and Auditing (AC)

This course is designed with reference to training programs of some universities in Russia, UK and Malaysia. Getting into Accounting, Analyzing and Auditing courses, students will have a chance to explore issues in depth, leverage their knowledge and understanding of their chosen fields. To help students apply the theory into practice, this program also takes advantage of technology enhanced active learning by essential training to utilize software used in Vietnam and other areas. Students will advance their capabilities to solve complex tasks in the areas of accountancy and banking, such as analyzing financial activities, accounting for domestic and overseas businesses, and internal auditing; analyze the foremost factors in financial indexes, including prices of financial assets, interest rates, monetary, and inflation. Until now, more than 300 graduates  from Vietnam National University, Hanoi – International School are currently working for many Vietnamese and foreign accounting and auditing firms such as Big 4, Standard Chartered Bank, and Motorola Company.

3. Bachelor of Management Information System (MIS)

Taking reference from the Bachelor of Business Information System course at East London University (UK), VNU-IS provides students with ample studying resources and instructive materials for subjects in general courses and subjects on finance, marketing, business information system as well. Management Information System (MIS) plays a key role in areas such as finance, marketing and real estate as well as information system development. Becoming a Bachelor of MIS, you will have holistic expertise in human resources, business and technology. You will learn to design, implement, and apply business information systems in innovative ways to maximize the productivity and effectiveness of your team or the company.

In Vietnam, many MIS positions are in high demand, due to the lack of human resources graduating with MIS major and the underrated interest with this position in the young labor force. There are only several universities in Vietnam that provide bachelor programs for MIS, including Vietnam National University. Until now, VNU-IS has proudly started the MIS class of 2019 as the fourth class in this major.

4. Bachelor of Informatics and Computer Engineering (ICE)

Deciding to major in Informatics and Computer Engineering, you are seeking opportunities in one of the world’s biggest industries.  When studying in International School, you will grasp competent technology skills, be able to solve sophisticated problems relating to software design, electronics, communications and so forth.

In Vietnam, one of the most important issues the field of computer engineering is facing today is the apparent lack of high-skilled labor. Graduating with VNU-IS Bachelor’s degree, you will have greater chances to approach sought-after positions in your chosen area. There are many specialty areas in computer engineering including software engineering, computer networking and communication, database systems, etc

Experience International School classes in virtual reality (VR) here

5. Bachelor of Business Data Analytics (BDA)

Big Data analytics is a career field with boundless opportunities, yet this field is urgently requesting for qualified candidates to harness the value of Big Data. To keep abreast of the industry trends, International School of Vietnam National University Hanoi has proudly started the first class in the school year of 2019 for the Bachelor’s degree of Business Data Analytics (BDA).

BDA is a highly interdisciplinary major requiring the knowledge and skills come from data science, economics, management, and also acute knowledge in business data analysis. The program structure, teaching and assessment methods are designed based on the Pennsylvania University’s program. It develops both technical and professional skills for students, including analyzing and managing data driven initiatives as well as forecasting in operation of corporations; enhancing interpersonal skills, negotiating skills and decision-making under risks ability.

With a degree in Business Data Analytics, some of the career options you will be prepared for include: business data analyst, data analyzing program developer, business analysis consultant, market research and analysis specialist, etc.

Foreign Universities Program

6. Bachelor of Management (Marketing/Entrepreneurship) – Keuka College (US)

Keuka College’s Bachelor program of Management offers you a comprehensive overview in business, management, and leadership. The base of your degree will include lessons in accounting, business law, strategic management, business computer applications, economics, finance, marketing, human resources, and statistics. At Keuka College, you get to do much more than simply learn theory—you’ll see how textbook material applies to actual enterprises, and have the chance to practice your management skills before graduating.

You can personalize and customize your degree by selecting a concentration that interests you most, namely Entrepreneurship and Marketing to specialize your knowledge and skills in that field.

7. Bachelor of Hospitality, Sport and Tourism Management – Troy University (US)

The Bachelor program of Hospitality, Sport and Tourism Management will prepare students for a wide variety of positions in the hospitality, sport and tourism industries. Students can enter the chosen field with exceptional knowledge, professional training, and the confidence to undertake executive positions.

In 2019, students had a hotel tour to Intercontinental Hanoi Westlake, which was honored to win an award at 2014 World Travel Awards as ‘Vietnam’s leading business hotel” 

This program offers three undergraduate concentrations: (1) Hospitality Management, (2) Sport Management, and (3) Tourism Management. Studying in VNU-IS campus, students will be guaranteed by receiving comprehensive educational experience, practical training in the specialty industry at the professional level.

8. Bachelor of Accounting and Finance – University of East London (UK)

Throughout this course, you will learn about financial and accounting management and the impacts of environment on the operation and the growth of business. Also, you will understand the role of the financial markets and the key financial institutions.

A major part of the course involves developing relevant practical skills to prepare you for employment. For example, you’ll learn how to manipulate, analyze and interpret financial and non-financial data; apply accounting principles and techniques to a range of business problems; use industry-standard software.

 Graduates are exempted of 9 out of 14 international auditing certification exams of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA), which will fast-track you on a path to become a well-qualified professional. Besides, after 2 or 3 academic years you will have an option of transferring to other countries such as the UK, Australia and Netherlands.

Dual Degree Programs

9. Bachelor of Management (Marketing/Entrepreneurship) – in collaboration with Keuka College (US)

Students who apply for the dual-degree program for Management major will be simultaneously enrolled at both International School of Vietnam National University, Hanoi and Keuka College, sharing one curriculum that has been jointly designed. Students will have the chance to learn beyond the classroom, apply their knowledge into practices and therefore meet the standard demand of both national and international labor forces. They will have to complete 7 semesters taken at the IS-VNU campus in Hanoi, Vietnam and 1 semester at Keuka College in the United States.

10. Bachelor of Marketing – in collaboration with HELP University (Malaysia)

The dual-degree program for Marketing major was built based on HELP University’s Bachelor of Marketing program in Marketing and the framework program in Marketing of Vietnam Ministry of Education and Training (MOET). This course will provide you with a good grounding in marketing and management theory, whilst also preparing students for a successful career. After graduating, students will have the ability to analyze strategic market behavior; understand the principles and responsibilities of other management functions, including human resources, accounting and finance; apply relevant techniques to identify and exploit market opportunities.

Students will spend the first 2 years taking some required courses at the International School campus and then, they will have an option to transfer to HELP University campus in Malaysia. In short, students will complete half of the curriculums on both  campuses.

At Vietnam National University, Hanoi International School, you will receive an international standard training program with English-medium courses and an amount of 20-30% modules will be taught by prestigious foreign professors. Besides, you will have a wide range of opportunities to participate in bonding activities, hands-on experiences and intern in VNU-IS’s partner organizations and corporations. According to the result of an independent survey from Vinatest in 2018, more than 40% of VNU-IS students get employed before graduation.

What could you expect more? Explore your potential and seize the moment while studying abroad in Vietnam with us!

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