Study Business Data Analytics in Industry 4.0: Anything You Need to Know

Big Data Analytics is a career field with boundless opportunities, yet this field is urgently requesting for qualified candidates to harness the value of Big Data. To keep abreast of the industry trends, International School of Vietnam National University Hanoi has proudly started the first class in the school year of 2019 for the Bachelor’s degree of Business Data Analytics (BDA).

Today, data analytics specialists are taking a crucial role in almost every industry, especially in business. As the improved technologies has helped us to harness and maximize the potential of Big Data and the Internet of Things (IoT), yet there is a universal lack of workers who have accredited knowledge, skills and experiences in relevant fields. To keep abreast of the industry trends, International School of Vietnam National University Hanoi has proudly started the first class in the school year of 2019 for the Bachelor’s program of Business Data Analytics (BDA), which is designed based on the program structure, teaching and assessment methods of Upenn University (US), Monash University (Australia) and many reputable institutions in the world.


  1. What is Business Data Analytics?

  2. Why will this major become trendy around the world and in Vietnam?

  3. What will I gain from studying Business Data Analytics?

  4. Which Big Data & Analytics job is suitable for me ?

  5. Where should I study Business Data Analytics? 

  6. Admission


  1. What is Business Data Analytics?


Before asking about the benefits that you could expect when studying Business Data Analytics, let’s figure out some basic knowledge about this major.

According to Investopedia, a business is defined as “an organization or enterprising entity engaged in commercial, industrial, or professional activities”. Depending on its purpose, businesses can seek to generate and increase revenue from their products and services or they can run as a non-profit organization, working for their humanitarian mission. A business size varies from privately owned companies to multinational corporations, such as Coca-Cola, Google and so forth.

When it comes to data, the Cambridge dictionary defines them as “information, especially facts or numbers, collected to be examined and considered and used to help decision-making, or information in an electronic form that can be stored and used by a computer”. Along with that, data analytics refers to the way a business or organization gather, analyze, document and utilize the data to make better business decisions to enhance the efficiency of business administration. This term also refers to the empirical work of data scientists and researchers.

In short, studying about Business Data Analytics is studying about the way you can manipulate the data, interpret them into helpful information to assist managers or the business with effective work strategies and data-based decision making in order to come up with better solutions.

  1. Why will this major become trendy around the world and in Vietnam?

At the beginning of 2020, the number of bytes in the digital universe was 40 times more than the number of stars in the observable universe, claimed by World Economic Forum.

When having a computer or a smartphone connected to the Internet, everyone right now can purchase stuff on Amazon, study with Zoom, stay in touch with a relative in another country through Facebook, finding new jobs via LinkedIn and so forth. Many user experience in online platform are enhancing everyday with the supportive contribution of Artificial Intelligence (AI), the IoT, etc. to help us make better decisions, giving us good recommendations and show us what we want to see by the data collected from our activities both online and offline. With the ubiquity of smart devices and ways we maximize the use of Big Data from IoT, AI and on, businesses can improve their user experience, raise revenue and plan for far-reaching goals

(Sc: Clay Banks fromUnsplash)

Nowadays, in many domains, people are getting to explore the potential of Big Data and their exponential benefits in a variety of aspects in our lives, especially in business sector.

Big Data is not basically an enormous amount of data, they come from many sources (business transaction documents, website cookie, smart devices, IoT, etc.) and have many types of format (numerical data, text, video, record, email, etc.) Plus the development of the IoT, or the enhancement in the way personal devices connect with others to collect and exchange the data with the support of the Internet, is promptly nourishing the wealth of Big Data. This requires better and updated methods to collect, store and harness the data for businesses or any other industry in order to make wiser solutions and create breakthroughs for long-term success.

Along with that, the high demand for well-qualified Business Data Analyst as well as Data Scientist makes the related programs become captivating and valuable for any students who are seeking chance to pursue a potential job in their favorable field – as Big Data is seeping into almost every domain in our lives.

  1. What will I gain from studying Business Data Analytics?

During and after studying Business Data Analytics, students will be able to:

  • obtain the core business knowledge and skills, including technical and professional skills for Industry 4.0 workers

  • acquire the foundation and practical tools of analytics, such as database management software, quantitative research techniques, research reporting and business intelligence tools

  • demonstrate  important communication skills, visualisation, data management, critical-thinking and problem-solving

At Vietnam National School Hanoi – International School, seniors will select one of the three elective modules to broaden their knowledge on the field of interest, viz. (1) Analytical Model Development; (2) Financial Data Analysis; (3) Marketing Data Analysis.

  1. Which Big Data & Analytics job is suitable for me ?

As we have said above, students who earned a Bachelor’s degree of Business Data Analytics or any related degree can work in any field, as the in-depth understanding and skills to be competent in Big Data analytics. In other words, they will have a broad range of career options.

For quick reference, you can glance at some job titles listed below that are mainly related to this major in some particular fields. However, keep in mind that you will have to gain more experiences and further knowledge in your chosen field after graduates to fulfill the job requirements and have higher chances to get the right position with an ideal salary.

  • Journalism: Data-driven journalism is the future. Become fluent with data and the use of effective analytics tools can help journalists sharpen their critical sense, improve strategies to approach potential reader and find information source faster and way more methodically.

    • Data Reporter

    • Editorial Designer

    • Interactive News Reporter

    • Freelance Publicist

    • User Experience Researcher

    • Media Relations Specialist

    • Technical SEO Manager

For the long time, journalists have always used data to create informed reports and articles. The first example of data journalism at the Guardian dates from 1821. It is a leaked table of schools in Manchester listing the number of students who attended it and the costs per school. Nowadays, with the technology breakthrough, it is the challenging task for journalists to obtain and maximize the power of Big Data (Sc:

  • IT Systems Analysis: after obtaining a strong skills and practices for Information Technology, you can help business check for the operation of new software, maintaining the efficiency of current system, detecting the problems and deal with unpredicted issues in the software. In short, you will be responsible for any technical issues in the business. In VNU-IS, students can choose the Analytical Model Development course in the 4th academic year to approach intensive knowledge of this career.

    • Business Systems Analyst

    • Developer

    • Technical Operations Officer

    • Database Administrator

    • Software Engineer

  • Market Research Analysis: Big Data enables businesses to better meet the needs  and wants of customers by developing rich and informative content. Therefore, it is of importance for anyone who wants to work in this field to expertise in analytical tools and research skills to fully optimize the huge source of data for better marketing strategies, branding and long-term campaigns.

    • Marketing Data Analyst

    • Search Engine Marketing Analyst

    • Research Assistant

    • Insights Analyst

    • Market Research Interviewer

  • Financial Analysis: to help businesses making wiser and well-informed decisions, a financial professional will have to compile, analyze the information to document the necessary data. Sometimes, he/she can oversee the potential or upcoming risks of his/her client with their thorough understanding. Like all the jobs above, a financial analyst are excellent at using and applying analytical tools at work.

    • Wealth Planning Analyst

    • Investment Analyst

    • Internal/External Auditor

    • Accounting Supervisor

  1. Where should I study Business Data Analytics? 

In Vietnam, until January 2020, there are over 68.17 million internet users, accounting for about 70% of the total population. (source: Between the two year 2019 and 2020, the number of Internet users in Vietnam increased by 6.2 million (+10.0%) As for the E-Commerce market, according to the E-Business Index 2019 report drafted by the Vietnam E-Commerce Association, the scale of Vietnam’s E-Commerce market in 2018 was 9 billion USD. The report also forecast the market would reach $33  billion in 2025. This given data show the stable growth of the use of the Internet, making this country a promising place for many business to market and expand brand recognition.

A view of Hanoi – the capital city of Vietnam (sc: Luu Quang Minh from Unsplash)


At Vietnam National University, Hanoi – International School, students will attend updated lectures, comprehensive study materials with a lot of chances to intern for multinational corporations in collaboration with our school. As a #1st ranked university in Vietnam, VNU-IS is a pioneer in activities to maintain and develop strong cooperation relationships with many domestic enterprises as well as FDI enterprises.

  1. Admission

In order to apply for the Business Data Analytics undergraduate program at VNU-IS, students have to gain one of these qualifications:

  • Baccalaureate qualification or equivalent with minimum high school GPA of 2.5 (on a 4.0 scale); or A-Level grade C (PUM range >=60); or minimum SAT reading and writing aggregate score of 1100/1600 or 1450/2400

  • Appropriate English Proficiency Certifications including a minimum IELTS score of 5.5 or Level 4 of Vietnamese Standardized Test of English Proficiency (VSTEP)*

  • Appropriate medical examination report for overseas study

  • Sufficient finance evidence for overseas study in Vietnam

(*) Without required English proficiency certificate, students who meet other qualification and requirements will be offered to study intensive English preparation course at VNU-IS. Click here for details

When studying Business Data Analytics at Vietnam National University, Hanoi – International School, you will not only receive an open environment, enthusiastic teachers and respectable professors from Vietnam and other countries but also a promising potential for your dream career with well-prepared knowledge gained after this program.

For admission inquiries, please contact:

Ms.Linh Dang


Hotline: 024. 3555 3555 | 0983 372 988 | 0379 884 488 | 0989 106 633 or inbox directly to VNU – IS fanpage.


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