Business Law program is intended for students currently pursuing one of the formal training programs at VNU-IS and wish to obtain a 2nd Bachelor’s degree, graduating at VNU-School of Law. The program was issued following Document No. 2297/DHQGHN-DT on July 18th, 2017 by the President of VNU. Accordingly, students are exempted from equivalent courses between the programs of the 2 coordinators (roughly 30% of total course time), thus can considerably reduce the required training time for the Bachelor’s Degree in Business Law by VNU-School of Law.


Business Law


4 years (Expectation)

Teaching language:

English & Vietnamese

Type of training:

Second degree

Course coordinators:

VNU-International School (VNU-IS) and VNU-School of Law (VNU-SOL)


Bachelor’s Degree awarded by Vietnam National University, Hanoi (VNU)

The program aims to provide students with basic knowledge in economics; fundamental legal knowledge and systematic legal thinking; in-depth knowledge of the domestic and foreign business legal environment and business ethics. The programs also assist students in achieving some basic legal and practical skills and being able to continue their studies at a higher level.

Total number: 135 credits, of which:

Number of credits transferrable from the 1st degree: 35 credits

Number of 2nd degree-specific credits: 100 credits

See the detailed program structure here

  • Method of Enrollment: admissions screening.
  • Program open to: Full-time students in International Business Studies, Accounting, Analysis and Auditing, Management, Information Systems of the International School, and Vietnam National University (Hanoi) students who satisfy the conditions set forth in Clause 1, Article 24 of the Regulation on Undergraduate Training at VNU. This was issued together with Decision No. 5115 / QĐ-ĐHQG, dated December 25th, 2014 from the Director of VNU. Specifically: Applicants’ GPA at the International School, up to the time of application, must be 2.0 or higher. Applications with scores from the highest to lowest will be screened and short listed, until the enrollment number we desire is reached.

Tuition fees for 2nd degree-specific credits are collected according to tuition fees of VNU-ULIS

  • Work for foreign and domestic firms which operate in all aspects of business life;
  • Work for firms which provide legal services as a lawyer and/or a counselor like law companies, law offices, notary offices either domestic or international; function as a legal specialist and/or a counselor in companies, enterprises that have demands for employing highly-qualified personnel in law to facilitate their production, business activities;
  • Work for state agencies including law enforcement organizations such as courts, procuratorates, law enforcement bodies, police agencies… and other state organizations from central to local levels; the Party agencies and socio-political organizaitons;
  • Work for non-governmental organizations, inter-governmental organizations and/or international organizations that implement law-related activities.
  • Work as a lecturer or a researcher in research or education institutions with regard of law, administration, politics such as universities, colleges, secondary vocational training schools, centers, research institutes in relevant fields.

Established in July 2002, International School – Vietnam National University, Hanoi (VNU-IS) is one of the first higher education institutions to offer joint international training programs.

Academic programs at VNU-IS are designed for students to reach their full potential and thus to succeed in the real world. Having partnership with more than 30 universities worldwide, VNU-IS has wide experiences in hosting international visiting professors and overseas students from Europe, America, Africa and Asia as well as in building an international environment. Our community of professors and students comprises a rich mix of cultures. This diversity adds vibrancy and depth, fresh understanding and broad perspective to our work. Moderate-sized classes at VNU-IS also ensure a friendly atmosphere and a very personal level of support for students.

Foreign students will be assisted with visa application, accommodation arrangement and support with other activities facilitating their integration. With the reasonable tuition fees, students can approach to the curricula, methodology, assessment, evaluation of international standards. Besides onclass activities, students have opportunity to participate in exciting extra-curricular ones that help them to be more flexible and adaptable to a multi-cultural working environment or study further upon graduation. Students will be granted degrees by VNU and foreign universities which are world-wide recognized.

University of Languages and International Studies (ULIS) is one of the seven member universities of Vietnam National University – Hanoi (VNU), a leading higher educational institution in Vietnam.

ULIS has well equipped facilities for students and staff, with over 200 lecture halls, classrooms, language labs and a Learning Resource Center with more than 54,000 foreign language books. Students are well looked after in the student apartments which are bulit in the main campus and can accommodate over 1,000 students. Students and staff can enjoy hours of exercise in the newly built 1,000 square meter sports complex which comprises a stadium, a footbal court, basketball courts and tennis courts.