The program is designed in compliance with the Bachelor of Business Information System program of East London University (UK), and coordinating with universities such as East London University, Lunghwa University of Science and Technology in the provision of lecturers, teaching and studying methodology, studying resources and materials for subjects in general courses and subjects on finance, marketing, business information system as well.

Major: Management Information System
Code: QHQ03
Duration: 4 years (8 semesters)
Teaching language: English
Mode of study: Full time in VNU International School

Bachelor of Management Information System awarded by Vietnam National University, Hanoi

VNU general courses: 27 credits The Fundamental Principles of Marxism-Leninism 1 (2 credits)
The Fundamental Principles of Marxism-Leninism 2 (3 credits)
Ho Chi Minh Ideology (2 credits)
The Revolutionary Line of the Communist Party of Vietnam (3 credits)
English for Academic Purposes 1 (4 credits)
English for Academic Purposes 2 (3 credits)
English for Specific Purposes 1 (4 credits)
English for Specific Purposes 2 (3 credits)
Introduction to Informatics 2 (3 credits)
Physical Education (4 credits)
National Defence Education (8 credits)
Soft skills (3 credits)
Field-based knowledge: 15 credits Advanced Mathematics (4 credits)
Theory of Probability and Mathematical Statistics (3 credits)
Introduction to Computer Networks
Introduction to Sociology
Introduction to Psychology
Industry-based knowledge: 11 credits Introduction to Law (2 credits)
Principles of Management
Microeconomics (3 credits)
Macroeconomics (3 credits)
Profession-based knowledge: 26 credits
Compulsory modules: 20 credits Business Organization and Management (3 credits)
Operations Management (3 credits)
Information Systems in Organizations (3 credits)
Quantitative Methods for Management (3 credits)
Web Authoring and Web Management (3 credits)
Database Systems (3 credits)
Elective modules: 6/18 credits Legal, Ethical, Social Environment of Business (3 credits)
Intellectual Property Rights (3 credits)
IT and Business Innovation (3 credits)
Data Mining & Business Analytics (3 credits)
Mobile & Pervasive Technology (3 credits)
Computer Based Technologies (3 credits)
Major-based knowledge: 58 credits
Compulsory modules: 24 credits Management and Information Systems (3 credits)
Introduction to Object-Oriented Systems Development (3 credits)
Information Systems Modeling and Design (3 credits)
Project Management (3 credits)
Enterprise Business Solutions (3 credits)
Enterprise Information Systems (3 credits)
Principles of Information Security (3 credits)
Enterprise Analytics for Decision Support (3 credits)
Major-based electives: 6/21 credits Multimedia Design and Web Development (3 credits)

E-Commerce (3 credits)

Advanced Database Development (3 credits)
Information Technology Planning and Infrastructure (3 credits)
Retailing Banking Processes & Technology (3 credits)
E-Payment Processes & Technology (3 credits)
Mobile Commerce (3 credits)
Additional electives: 4/8 credits Research Methodology (3 credits)
Leadership and Team Building (3 credits)
Dot Net Framework (3 credits)
Java Programming (3 credits)

Selected in-depth knowledge electives: 15/60 credits(Select ONE minor)

Management information system: 15 credits Decision Support Systems (3 credits)
Global Information Systems (3 credits)
Information Security Management (3 credits)
Data Warehousing & Business Analytics (3 credits)
Artificial Intelligence (3 credits)
Management information in finance(15 credits) Financial Management (3 credits)
Corporate Finance (3 credits)
Financial Market and Institutions (3 credits)
International Finance (3 credits)
Investment and Portfolio Management (3 credits)
Management information in marketing(15 credits) Principles of Marketing (3 credits)
Marketing Management (3 credits)
International Marketing (3 credits)
Service Marketing (3 credits)
Marketing Research (3 credits)
Management information in real estate(15 credits) Principles of Real Estate (3 credits)
Real Estate Management (3 credits)
Real Estate Capital Markets (3 credits)
International Real Estate (3 credits)
Real Estate Investment (3 credits)
Internship and graduation thesis/modules replacing graduation thesis: 9 credits Internship (4 credits)
Graduation Thesis (5 credits)
Equivalent graduation thesis courses Organizational Strategy (3 credits)
Advanced Information Systems Development (3 credits)


Lecturers in the Bachelor of MIS program are selected from a range of well-known teachers in and outside of VNU-Hanoi. Holding a master’s degree or higher, they are trained in high-quality education countries like the USA, UK, Australia, Canada, etc. Not only are all lecturers qualified to teach subjects in English, but they also have in-depth knowledge and practical experience in their own field. In addition, the lecturer’s exchange scheme in the faculty also brings in a great number of foreign lecturers to co-teach some modules in the program. The rate of foreign lecturers participating in the program accounts for about 20% of the specialized professional modules. Local and foreign teachers collaborate well together to create a healthy community and an international education environment in the Faculty.

The Scholars recruitment program of VNU-IS Hanoi is developed with the aim of promoting the experience, capability, intellectual property of scholars working in renowned universities, scientific research centers all over the world, to contribute to Vietnam’s socio-economic development. The program enhances the international integration index of VNU in general and the International School in particular, helping to create motivation, enabling training and international research environment, building capacity for faculty staff, smooth application of advanced teaching and research technology transfer, university governance, increasing the number of foreign teachers in the faculty.

The scholars under this program are teaching either full-time, part-time, or selected modules along with the other faculty members for all the courses offered in the International School. Lecturers of the VNU-IS are encouraged to participate in preparing lectures, teaching and guiding students. During this process, students and VNU-IS members are exposed to new approaches and working styles at prestigious institutions abroad.

To optimize this activity’s objectives, scholars of the program will be given priority in teaching new subjects or subjects requiring regular teaching method updates, or the modules where there’s a shortage of qualified lecturers.

In addition, the VNU-IS has been building a core group of trainers for the MIS, along with the contracted visiting lecturers who are experienced in teaching and scientific research at well-known training providers and big enterprises.
  • Graduate from high school or equivalent;
  • Obtain proper English proficiency certificate (minimum IELTS 5.5 or other equals)***
  • Get the medical examination certificate to prove that applicant is healthy and fit for overseas study;
  • Get the financial guarantee to support study, research and living in Vietnam

(*): Applied to international candidates only

Collected in Vietnamese currency, specifically as follows:

  • The tuition fee is 20,430,000 VND / semester (equivalent to $ 1,000 per semester).

  • The exchange rate is adjusted according to the exchange rate quoted by Vietcombank at the time of collection.

– Specialist in the research, policymaking, project development on information technology applications and business and management information systems
– Analysts and designers of business and management systems, consultant in business development and application of information technology in banking services, a specialist in the design and operation of business systems/decision support/knowledge management;
– IT infrastructure administrator
– Plan, implement and manage your own independent business operations and systems
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VNUIS provides students with an international standard environment with experienced and enthusiastic instructors. The learning environment at VNUIS is like a real working environment, when I graduate from school, I no longer feel surprised but integrate with the job very quickly. All skills and knowledge learned can be applied in work.


“The Management Information Systems industry is a great combination of Business and Technology, Data Analytics and Business Analytics. I can apply all the knowledge that I have learned in 4 years to apply in real work.”

Students will have the opportunity to study for a second degree at VNU when completes their first year at VNU-IS:

  • Bachelor of English Language (VNU-ULIS)

  • Bachelor of Korean Language (VNU-ULIS)

  • Bachelor of Japanese Language (VNU-ULIS)

  • Bachelor of Business Law (VNU-School of Law)

Students are offered various opportunities to transfer to prestigious foreign universities in order to complete the program among which are Missouri State University (US), Heriot-Watt University (UK), Chienkuo Technology University (TW), University of Canberra (AUS) .

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