Without a required English proficiency certificate, students who meet other qualifications and requirements must study intensive English Foundation program at VNU-IS.

The English Foundation program is designed to help students to improve their English proficiency including 4 skills listening, speaking, reading and writing. 100% lecturers are native speakers or professional English as a second language teachers.

Program English Foundation
Duration 5 levels, 160 hours per level
Training unit VNU – International School


WHY should you choose this program?

  • To be able to communicate effectively in English language 
  • To acquire professional skills including and not limited to presentation skills, decision-making, and problem-solving skills.
  • To better your academic English for major study
  • To enrich your knowledge of global trends in a rapidly changing world

The English Foundation program is designed with 5 levels (from level 1 to level 5) to equip students with proficient English skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing to to study undergraduate and postgraduate training programs. After finishing the English Foundation program, students will master basic and in-depth language knowledge, and be able to pass international language certificates such as Level 4 foreign language certificates (according to the Framework), 6-level foreign language ability for Vietnam), IELTS, TOEFL…

Students will be placed from level 1 to level 5 based on their placement test’s results. 

– Students applied to study undergraduate program but have not meet the English proficiency requirement. 

– Students who wish to learn English

Level 1 Beginner and Elementary
Level 2: Pre-Intermediate Level
Level 3: Intermediate Level
Level 4: Upper – Intermediate Level
Level 5: VSTEP Preparation Program
  • Teaching organization

The training program consists of 5 levels, students will take an entrance exam to be placed in the right class. Each level has a duration of 160h, training for 8-10 weeks, two levels count as one semester. At the end of each level, students must take the final exam. If they pass, students will be transferred to a higher level. Students get 1-2 weeks break between levels and 3-4 weeks summer break.

  • Teaching Syllabus

Textbooks and teaching materials are developed by the Department of Foundation in accordance with international standardized teaching and learning methods.

  • Lecturers

The program has the participation of many Vietnamese and foreign lecturers, all are experts in the field coming from all over the world.

The tuition for each level is 11,397,000 VND/level (equivalent to $500 per level).

The exchange rate is adjusted according to Vietcombank’s exchange rate at the moment.

Students can apply for the passing exam to upgrade their current level.

The exam will cover 4 skills: Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing (in which speaking skills will be tested by foreign lecturers).

I. Students’ obligation

– Be punctual.
– Attend at least 80% of each level to be qualified for the final exam.
– Be active in class activities.
– Complete exercises given by the instructor.

II. Evaluation 

Each level follows an assessment plan with progress tests, midterms and final exams structured as follows:

1) Continuous evaluation

– Exercises, Check progress, Participate:

– Midterm test (MT)

2) Final Examination (FE)

3) Final Result

4) Completion criteria

a) All components of continous evaluation > 0, Final Exam Score >= 4/10 & Final Result >= 5/10

b) Each section of the final exam must be > 0

+ If FE < 4/10, student must retake the exam (all sections)

+ If a) but not b), the student must re-take the failed sections.

VSTEP is a test format to assess English proficiency from level 3 to level 5 according to the 6-level Foreign Language Proficiency Framework for Vietnam (also known as Vietnamese Standardized Test of English Proficiency, abbreviated as VSTEP). 

VSTEP was developed to become a tool to assess English ability from level 3 to 5 for post-secondary students, used nationally and towards international recognition. This is also a goal of the 2020 Foreign Language Project. VSTEP is applied to foreign language training institutions, foreign language training programs, and foreign language learners in the national education system.

After completing all 5 levels of the English Foundation program (or when you feel confident with your English ability), students will be able to register for the VStep exam at University of Foreign Languages ​​- VNU. Each student will have 1 free exam, if they retake the test, all costs will be borne by the student.