The program is designed in compliance with the standards of prestigious American, Canadian universities and can be transferable to the training programs of other universities such as the University of the West of England (UK), Keuka College (USA), Thompson Rivers University (Canada). The program aims at producing bachelors of International Business with high professional qualifications, good command of English to satisfactorily meet the requirements of domestic and international labor markets. It also equips students with skills in finding, analyzing, and solving problems in the field of international business. Upon graduation, students will be able to work in organizations, multinational companies, corporations, export- import firms, financial organizations and banks.


International Business


4 years (8 semesters)

Teaching language:


Mode of study:

Full time in VNU International School


Bachelor of International Business awarded by Vietnam National University, Hanoi

  1. VNU general courses: 27 credits

    • The Fundamental Principles of Marxism-Leninism 1 (2 credits)

    • The Fundamental Principles of Marxism-Leninism 2 (3 credits)

    • Ho Chi Minh Ideology (2 credits)

    • The Revolutionary Line of the Communist Party of Vietnam (3 credits)

    • English for Academic Purposes 1 (4 credits)

    • English for Academic Purposes 2 (3 credits)

    • English for Specific Purposes 1 (4 credits)

    • English for Specific Purposes 2 (3 credits)

    • Introduction to Informatics 2 (3 credits)

    • Physical Education (4 credits)

    • National Defence Education (8 credits)

    • Soft skills (3 credits)

    Mathematics and Natural Sciences: 10 credits

    • Advanced Mathematics (4 credits)

    • Theory of Probability and Mathematical Statistics (3 credits)

    • Mathematics for Economics (3 credits)

    General Business Courses: 8 credits

    • Introduction to Law (2 credits)

    • Microeconomics (3 credits)

    • Macroeconomics (3 credits)

    Fundamental Business Courses: 29 credits

    Required courses: 25 credits

    • Principles of Accounting (4 credits)

    • Managerial Accounting (3 credits)

    • Principles of Marketing (3 credits)

    • Financial Management  (3 credits)

    • Business Organization and Management (3 credits)

    • Information Systems in Organizations (3 credits)

    • Operations Management (3 credits)

    • Organizational Strategy (3 credits)

    Selective courses: 4/10 credits 

    Group 1: (2/6 credits)

    • Business Communication  (2 credits)

    • Business Writing (2 credits)

    • Legal, Ethical, Social Environment of Business (2 credits)

    Group 2: (2/4 credits)

    • International Economics (2 credits)

    • International Trade Theory and Policy (2 credits)

    Specialized and Supportive Courses: 60 credits

    Required courses: 26 credits

    • Introduction to International Business (3 credits)

    • International Trade Management (3 credits)

    • Global Supply Chain Management (3 credits)

    • International Finance (3 credits)

    • International Accounting (2 credits)

    • International Marketing (3 credits)

    • International Business Law (3 credits)

    • International Human Resource Management (3 credits)

    • International Management (3 credits)

    Selective courses: 6/24 credits

    Group 1: (3/12 credits)

    • International Investment (3 credits)

    • International Project Management (3 credits)

    • International Bidding (3 credits)

    • Risk Management and Insurance (3 credits)

    Group 2: (3/12 credits)

    • Export-Import Management (3 credits)

    • Foreign Trade Operations (3 credits)

    • E-Commerce (3 credits)

    • International Trade Promotion (3 credits)

    Supportive courses: (4/12 credits)

    • Research Methodology (2 credits)

    • Business Culture (2 credits)

    • Vietnam’s External Economics (2 credits)

    • International Trade Conventions and Treaties (2 credits)

    • Economy of EU Region (2 credits)

    • Economy of Asia Pacific Region (2 credits)

    Minor: 15/45 credits (Choose Corporate Accounting, Finance or Marketing)

    Corporate Accounting (15 credits)

    • Financial Accounting 1 (3 credits)

    • Financial Accounting 2 (4 credits)

    • Accounting Practice (3 credits)

    • Financial Report Analysis (3 credits)

    • Taxation (2 credits)

    Finance (15 credits)

    • Financial Markets and Institutions (4 credits)

    • Taxation (2 credits)

    • Corporate Finance (3 credits)

    • Financial Report Analysis (3 credits)

    • Investment and Portfolio Management (3 credits)

    Marketing (15 credits)

    • Marketing Research (3 credits)

    • Internet Marketing (2 credits)

    • Services Marketing (3 credits)

    • Integrated Marketing and Brand Communication (4 credits)

    • Marketing Strategy (3 credits)

    Internship and graduation thesis/equivalent courses: (10 credits)

    • Internship (5 credits)

    • Graduation Thesis (5 credits)

    Courses equivalent to graduation thesis

    • Business in Multicultural Environment (2 credits)

    • International Strategic Management (3 credits)


Lecturers of the programs are those who are qualified and prestigious inside and outside Vietnam National University. They have master or higher qualifications and graduated in developed countries such as: the United States of America, Great Britain, Australia, Canada, etc. All lecturers meet the English language proficiency demand to teach in English, and also have good professional knowledge and real life experience in the subjects they are in charge. Apart from that, VNU-IS has lecturer exchange programs with prestigious foreign universities, and foreign lecturers are in charge of some subjects in the program. The rate of foreign lecturers is about 25% to 30% for major business courses. The teaching staff including domestic and foreign lecturers makes a community and an international environment in VNU-IS.

The scholar attraction program of VNU in VNU-IS (named as the program) is founded with view to enhancing the experience, ability and intelligence of scholars who are working at universities and prestigious scientific research institutes all over the world to contribute to the economical-social development of our country. Also, the program helps enhance the international joining index of VNU in general and VNU-IS in particular; this will create the motivation, training and international research environment, improve the ability of our staff, receive and exchange advance teaching-research technologies and foreign undergraduate administration, and enhancing foreign lecturer rate coming from prestigious universities. Detailed content of the program is clarified in the next part.

Scholars take partly in teaching a subject or cooperate with VNU-IS lecturers in VNU-IS training programs. This aims at encouraging VNU-IS lecturers to set up lectures and guide students. During this time, our students and lecturers will experience the working methods and modern approaches which are applied in prestigious foreign universities.

In order to get the full effect of this activity, new subjects which need to be updated new working method or knowledge regularly or subjects which do not have high qualified lecturers who can meet the program requirement will be prior.

  • Baccalaureate qualification or equivalent with minimum high school GPA of 60 (on a 100 scale); or A-Level grade C (PUM range >=60); or minimum SAT reading and writing aggregate score of 1100/1600 or 1450/2400; 
  • Appropriate English proficiency certificate including a minimum IELTS score of 5.5 or Level 4 of Vietnamese Standardized Test of English Proficiency (VSTEP)*.
  • Appropriate medical examination report for overseas study. 
  • Sufficient finance evidence for overseas study in Vietnam. 

(*) Without required English proficiency certificate, students who meet other qualification and requirements will be offered to study intensive English preparation course at VNU-IS.


  • Tuition fee: 8,000 USD (1,000USD/5-month semester)
  • The exchange rate is adjusted according to the exchange rate quoted by Vietcombank at the time of collection.


  • Research officer, policy maker in State management agencies;
  • Commercial representative;
  • Sales executive in charge of distribution channel;
  • Sales executive in charge of international trade;
  • Import-export executive;
  • International business officer;
  • International investment officer;
  • Logistics officer;
  • International marchandise broker;
  • Marketing executive;
  • International business consultant;
  • Accountant;
  • International transactor;
  • Lecturer, researcher at business institutions and institutes.

Students will have opportunity to study a second degree at VNU when completes the first year at VNU-IS.

  • Bachelor of English Language (VNU-ULIS)

  • Bachelor of Korean Language (VNU-ULIS)

  • Bachelor of Japanese Language (VNU-ULIS)

  • Bachelor of Business Law (VNU-School of Law)


Students are offered various opportunities to transfer to prestigious foreign universities in order to complete the program among which are Missouri State University (US), Heriot-Watt University (UK), University of Huddersfield (UK), Chienkuo Technology University (TW), University of Canberra (AUS) .

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