Accounting and Finance is a joint-training program between VNU – International School and University of East London (UK). The program will equip students with solid understanding and thorough overview of financial markets, financial reporting requirements and the regulatory framework for accounting so as to fast-track them on a path to becoming a qualified finance professional. With a global recognized degree, you can enter a career across several industries, businesses and organisations in the private, public or voluntary sectors.

After graduation, students are accredited by the Association of Certified Public Accountants of Australia (CPA Australia) to be exempted from 9 basic subjects in the exam to acquire CPA Australia’s accounting certificate.

Duration 4 years (8 semesters)
Language of instruction English
Mode of study Full time at VNU-IS
Degree Bachelor of Art in Accounting and Finance by University of East London – UK
Tuition fee (USD/course) 11,900 (USD1,300 – 1,650/5-month


This program follows a 4-year model with 22 subjects:

The first year is designed and organized by VNU-IS, consists of 08 subjects: English for Academic Purpose I & II, English for Management Studies I – III, Study skills, Introduction to Financial Accounting, and Finite Mathematics. The objectives of this foundation year is to provide students: (1) knowledge and skills in English which helps students be proficient in academic vocabulary, reading, and writing; (2) soft skills and supplement skills in study and research at undergraduate level; (3) general knowledge about the major, focusing on economics and mathematics, thereby students can start the specialized subjects from the second year of the program.

The next three academic years are organized following the curriculum of UEL with the number of credits, teaching hours, teaching methodology, syllabus, and assessment methods stay remained as in UEL.

No. Subject code Subject name Credit Note
1st year
1 INS1014 English for Academic Purpose 4 VNU-IS Credit
2 INS1015 English for Academic Purpose 2 3 VNU-IS Credit
3 INS1016 English for Management Studies 1 4 VNU-IS Credit
4 INS1017 English for Management Studies 2 3
5 INS1019 English for Management Studies 3 3
6 FDSSK001 Study Skills 4 VNU-IS Credit
7 FDIFA001 Introduction to Financial Accounting 4 VNU-IS Credit
8 FDFMA001 Finite Mathematics 4 VNU-IS Credit
2nd year
1 AC4001 Finacial Accounting 30 UEL Credit
2 AC4002 Cost Accounting 30 UEL Credit
3 HR4002 Business Organisations and Management 15 UEL Credit
4 AC4003 Academic Skills for Accounting 15 UEL Credit
5 AC4004 Business Law 15 UEL Credit
6 FN4003 Business Economics and Quantitative Analysis 15 UEL Credit
3rd year
1 AC5001 Intermediate Financial Reporting 30 UEL Credit
2 AC5002 Performance Management Accounting 30 UEL Credit
3 AC5003 Auditing 30 UEL Credit
4 AC5004 Taxation 30 UEL Credit
4th year
1 AC6001 Advanced Financial Reporting 30 UEL Credit
2 AC6002 Strategic Management Accounting 30 UEL Credit
3 AC6003 Corporate Financial Management 30 UEL Credit
4 HR6004 The Business Professional 30 UEL Credit
No. Full name Academic title, degree Major Achievements
1 Nguyen Thi Nhan Hoa Doctor, University of Melbourne, Australia, 2008 Testing Language 7 articles published
2 Pham Thi Thuy Doctor, Monash University, Australia (2003) Teaching English for foreigners 04 articles in domestic magazines, 01 domestic science conference
3 Do Thi Hong Lien Master, Belgium (2012) English education study 02 articles in domestic magazines
4 Do Ngoc Bich Master, UK Management – Marketing 02 articles in international and domestic magazines
5 Hoang Kim Thu Master, UK Economics – Finance
6 Le Duc Thinh Doctor, Pennsylvania State University, USA, 2013 Mathematics 02 articles in international magazines
7 Ta Quang Binh Doctor, Japan, 2012 Accounting 06 articles in international and domestic magazines; 01 topics in Fundamental level
8 Chau Duong Doctor, UK Accounting and Finance
9 Nguyen Thi Kim Oanh Doctor, 2015, UK Accounting 02 international seminars
10 Ahmed Aboud Doctor, 2015, UK Accounting
11 Chu Huy Anh Master, 2008, USA Taxation
12 Nguyen Huy Sinh Doctor, USA 2008 Laws
13 Florian Meier Doctor, UK 2012 Accounting
14 Nguyen Phu Hung Doctor, USA, 2008 Management and Finance 10 articles in domestic magazines; 05 topics in Fundamental and Groups level
15 Shampa Roy-Mukherjee Doctor, UK 1998 Economics
16 Mai Anh Doctor, Paris Ouest Nanterre La Défense University, France, 2010 Business Management 10 articles in international and domestic magazines, 04 research topics in Fundamental and Department level
17 Igbekele Sunday Osinubi Doctor, UK, 2015 Accounting
18 Cuong Nguyen Doctor, UK 2012 Finance
19 Phan Duc Cuong Doctor, Autralia 2010 Business Management/Accounting 02 topics in Ministry level, 03 topics in university level, 21 projects published in magazines
20 Emmanuel Ambe Doctor, UK Business and Humanities
21 Ly Phuong Duyen Doctor, Academy of Finance, 2010 Economics Finance, Banking 9 articles in international magazines, 5 textbooks, 12 projects
22 Le Quang Dung Master, UK, 2012

Nottingham Trent University

Business Management 01 international seminar, 1 national seminar, 01 domestic article
23 Ahmed Aboud Doctor, 2015, UK Accounting
24 Do Phuong Huyen Master, East Anglia University, UK, 2010 Economics and Finance 01 topics in Fundamental level, 02 articles
25 Eric Boahen Researcher, UK Finance
26 Nguyen Van Dinh Assoc. Prof. Dr, 2006 03 topics in Ministry level, 01 textbook, 20 articles in international and domestic magazines

1. Meet ONE of the following criterias:

  • Graduate from high school with minimum high school GPA of 2.5/4.0
  • Acquire International Baccalaureate Diploma of 24/45 with Math and English language score of at least 5/7 for each subject.
  • Complete A-Level grade C, equivalent to 60/100 each subject.  The combination of subjects required varies among programs.
  • Acquire SAT score of 1100/1600
  • Acquire ACT score of 22/36

2. Appropriate English proficiency certificate including a minimum IELTS score of 5.5 or Level 4 of Vietnamese Standardized Test of English Proficiency (VSTEP)*

3. Appropriate medical examination report for overseas study 

4. Sufficient finance evidence for overseas study in Vietnam.

(*) Without a required English proficiency certificate, students who meet other qualifications and requirements must study intensive English Foundation program at VNU-IS.

11,900 (USD1,300 – 1,650/5-month semester)

  • Accountant
  • Financial analyst
  • Budget analyst
  • Financial advisor
  • Internal or external auditor
  • Independent auditors
  • Finance and market analyzing experts
  • Strategic managers 
  • Sales
  • Business development

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